ONETEN REI provides 100% of the capital stack while managing multiple capital sources and the loan-to-equity balance on a project to project basis; thereby, enabling access to diverse banking relationships and investors.

ONETEN REI provides the complete “toolbox” of development services beginning with site plan and distribution, through site survey, environmental and geotechnical investigation, preliminary governmental assessment, qualification, selection and management of third party consultants, budgeting and planning, entitlement navigation, site and structural design and review, through permitting.

ONETEN REI assumes responsibility of construction and project deadlines with specific expertise in contractor qualification and selection; bid administration of construction documents; construction management; construction invoicing and reporting; tenant turnover coordination; and project closeout punch list, warranty and lien waiver administration.

ONETEN REI provides a comprehensive portfolio of real estate-specific legal capabilities through third parties from transaction management; contract administration and review; title and survey review and resolution; lease negotiation and administration; acquisition closing to disposition administration.


At ONETEN REI, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to revitalizing untapped potential.


ONETEN REI has a unique set of experiences and qualifications when it comes to developing projects for national clients.


ONETEN REI will build to your required design and building specifications, delivering superior results on time and on budget.

What we offer

Site Location

Land Acquisition

Development Capital

Site Plan and Site Work

Building Design and Construction

Development Services

Legal Services for Leasing

If you‘d like to talk to us about a project, we’d love to hear from you.